Concerned that bringing in an internal executive assistant would have a negative impact on the company’s workflow, culture and hierarchy, CharlieHR looked for a remote solution.


CharlieHR is a free HR platform designed to help small businesses grow. By automating many of the administrative burdens that small companies face as they scale up, CharlieHR provides founders more time to focus on growing their company.





CharlieHR founders Ben Gateley and Rob Donovan have been involved with the startup scene for the past decade, having initially founded startup studio The Eleven back in 2006. Ever since, they’ve been “obsessed with building companies” and created CharlieHR to solve the issues they have encountered along the way.




During this time, Ben, COO, has found it difficult to delegate administrative tasks “for purely cultural reasons”, saying that it “never felt right [to delegate his admin tasks to someone else] within the business”. As such, they were looking for this burden to be dealt with externally.



CharlieHR is a young company with a youthful team; a tight-knit group of 16, but growing. As such, Ben and Rob thought that having a dedicated internal executive assistant wouldn’t fit with the company culture and having previously “experimented with someone internal and using an external company like FYXER”, believed the external route would best suit their business model. Not only would the company culture be maintained, but both would be able to spend more time on the most important aspects of their working and personal lives.



FYXER met with Ben to discuss his specific needs. In particular, he wanted to be accessible to his team: allowing them to pitch ideas to him directly and then delegate the resulting high-value work to them. He believed that having ‘someone sitting next to him’ would deter such a process, thereby damaging the company’s workflow, culture and hierarchy.







Hiring an executive assistant with the required experience would have cost CharlieHR in the region of £40-50,000 per year, according to job search site Glassdoor - not including setup costs, recruitment and training.

As veterans of the startup world, Ben and Rob had previously encountered difficulties when making hires at this stage in a company's development. As such, they were prepared to look for other solutions to filling roles that are outside the core competency of the team.


Ben and Rob concluded that a remote solution would be preferable. By using FYXER, they would be able to have instant access to their assistant, while also having the option for their assistant to come to the office when required; striking a balance between remote and in-person assistance that suited their needs. They discovered like with many FYXER clients that all tasks can be performed remotely and they never need FYXER to come in.


With FYXER covering CharlieHR’s management, feedback, training and HR of their Assistant, Ben and Rob can now focus on the key aspects to growing their business. CharlieHR’s core belief is that “building a company is hard, running one shouldn’t be”; our solution follows this exact philosophy.




Compared to the other times you have tried this, what do you think makes Fyxer stand out the most?

For us it’s  simply the quality of talent they attract. They have a brand which is focused and doing one thing. This is supporting world class EA’s. We don’t claim to be experts in this area so in turn we choose to work with them instead of trying to do it ourselves.


How has it been working with multiple Fyxers?

“What’s great about FYXER is the quality of their people. You can see this when people are doing holiday cover and they remember all of your working preferences, so you never need to re-onboard a new employee again”.

“Our first Fyxer, Marijke Drost, moved back to the Netherlands at Christmas. She was superb, so we were, of course, sad to see her move on. However, the transition to working with our next Fyxer Caroline was seamless. As with Marijke, Caroline now manages my day-to-day flawlessly: as priorities shift, so does my diary, ensuring I have ample time to complete what I need to”.




As you continue to scale up, what is great about working with FYXER?

“We know if we have an incredibly busy month or other team members need support that FYXER are able to jump in and help. It’s like having your own dedicated support team, but only when you need them”.

“On the other hand, we know that as we grow we will no doubt becoming busier and therefore having the ability to add on further team members is amazing”.


CharlieHR is a free HR platform designed to help small businesses grow. By automating many of the administrative burdens that small companies face as they scale up, CharlieHR provides founders more time to focus on growing their company.