With multiple offices across various time zones, Adbrain’s CEO was on the lookout for an assistant that could help assimilate his almost 24/7 schedule.


Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Seattle and San Francisco, Adbrain is a global provider of intelligent identity resolution technology. Backed by leading mobile, enterprise data and SaaS investors, Adbrain works with marketers and their partners, helping them to understand and engage with their customer base.

As the primary point of contact across multiple time zones, Gareth Davies, is a 24/7 CEO, with distinctive assistance needs. As a result, he was on the lookout for a remote executive assistant that could sufficiently support himself and the Executive Team.

While researching possible solutions in, Gareth Davies came across FYXER and was drawn into thinking about how FYXER’s unique service could work for Adbrain.






Hiring, managing & training quality executive assistants is a costly and arduous task at any level of a business. Where the costs of hiring an inexperienced junior PA significantly outweighed the benefits, Gareth was intrigued by the idea of a remote assistant, but was concerned it could be a “cheap alternative” and was not prepared to compromise on quality.


Adbrain had looked into a number of potential solutions, but found they offered limited consistency regarding who the assistant will be, while offering up freelance virtual assistants instead of salaried staff members. Aware that job security translates into heightened productivity, Gareth embraced the idea of having salaried staff instead of zero-hour contractors.

The reason for this was twofold:


  • CEO Gareth has constant dealings with international investors and enterprise level executives. Gareth acknowledged that an assistant is a reflection of the company and therefore cutting corners on quality would have negative repercussions for Adbrain in terms of reputation.
  • Secondly, Gareth valued staff retention. He appreciated that building a personal relationship with his assistant – and conveying his working preferences to them – was key to maximising the benefit of having an assistant. Consequently, he did not want to invest his time and effort only for his assistant to be constantly changing.



Gareth wished to set aside more time for his family and personal interests, but working across multiple time zones had a knock-on effect on his work/life balance. Head of both UK and US operations, yet based in San Francisco, Gareth found that he was inundated with emails and messages by the time he awoke. As such, Gareth needed someone to be his point of contact for UK and East Coast operation hours, so that he was not bogged down in admin before his day had even started.





On the search for an extremely talented executive assistant, Fyxer was an obvious choice for Gareth. Once we assessed his work requirements, we then set about finding a personal match for Gareth that worked for him.

Gareth has since worked with Helen for over a year and during this time has developed a strong working relationship with her. According to Helen: “What I love about working with Gareth is that I know anytime I can be smart with his schedule is not only time that he can have back for work, but also for his family, and that’s something that I get a lot of pleasure from.”


All of FYXER’s staff are fully salaried staff members. We believe this is crucial to hiring and working with great people and we subscribe to the notion that if we look after our staff they will look after their clients. Our staff go above and beyond for their clients and each of our Fyxers foster deep and personal relationships with their clients.

All of our staff understand how to deal with executives due to their relevant backgrounds. Helen has therefore been able to act as a point of contact for other key executives at Adbrain, thus streamlining the process.


All successful working relationships are built around trust. With Helen as his main point of contact, Gareth is able to travel from city to city, safe in the knowledge that each meeting has been strategically planned and prepared for. Not only has Gareth’s productivity increased 200%, but Helen’s impact has also helped to bolster his professional appearance.  






On your search for a Executive Assistant - why did FYXER stand out?

FYXER stood out for me simply from the balance of putting quality first. As a growing business, my needs are constantly changing, so what I liked about FYXER was simply that you access the best quality for the time require.

First and foremost, it was about quality. I didn’t want to compromise on expertise, but as my needs were constantly changing, I thought I may have to. However, FYXER was the best of both worlds: the best quality when I need it.

Secondly, it was a matter of security. Knowing that all our important information is stored within FYXER, instead of a single person, has taken a weight of my shoulders.



How has it been having FYXER representing the Adbrain brand?

FYXER have been flawless; professional with a personal touch. My Fyxer is more than just someone I delegate tasks to - she is a sounding board for my ideas and a key part of the Adbrain family.



What has been the impact into your life as a global executive?

“Not only am I saving time, but I’m able to be a better CEO. Having someone else be my point of contact is an incredible asset to us.”




Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Seattle and San Francisco, Adbrain is a global provider of intelligent identity resolution technology.