18Feet and Rising


Who – are 18 Feet & Rising?


18 Feet & Rising is one the fastest-growing independent creative agencies in the UK. Founded by three senior advertising executives in 2010, 18 Feet & Rising has grown from being ‘the most interesting start-up in recent times’ to the ‘most influential [agency] in advertising’ in a few short years. They now employ 50 people in their London office and work with the likes of Kopparberg, Popchips, ClearScore and Gambleaware.


Why – did they hire FYXER?


18 Feet & Rising are perennial pioneers, not only tearing up the advertising handbook with their innovative creative process, but also becoming the UK’s first advertising agency to be accredited B Corporation status, reserved for socially-focused companies.


This trailblazing attitude has recently seen them move away from the traditional office structure. Having been based in private offices with in-house PAs, receptionists and office managers, 18 Feet & Rising decided to move to a more dynamic office space, while also looking to curb unnecessary hires that could put their carefully-honed company culture in jeopardy. They turned to FYXER.


What – did FYXER do?


FYXER assumed office management responsibilities on a flexible basis, providing administrative and organisational services, such as minuting meetings and handling logistics for teams shooting advertising campaigns abroad. FYXER also worked closely with the senior partners, providing gatekeeping services and organising their meetings and travel arrangements.


Meanwhile, FYXER made 18 Feet & Rising’s transition from traditional office structure to dynamic working space as smooth as possible, even providing a virtual ‘reception’ service in the new office - where FYXER fields all incoming calls and enquiries - in order to free-up the time of internal staff.


How – did FYXER make a difference?


Hiring FYXER has enabled 18 Feet & Rising to reduce costs, maintain its company culture and increase efficiency. By removing the need for full-time receptionists and office managers, 18 Feet & Rising were able to cut down on expensive hires and maintain the feel of a vibrant 50-person office, without sacrificing growth.


In addition, FYXER has increased the productivity of senior executives, not only by controlling access to them and taking non-critical tasks off their hands, but also by removing management demands from their time.




A values based company that helps scale brands. We partner with fast growing companies to help them acquire new customers and navigate growth. We are independent and design everything to attract the most progressive, restless minds so that we can creatively solve client problems, fast. We are proud to be the UK’s first B Corp advertising agency.