Fancy joining the FYXER family?

What does FYXER do?

FYXER is revolutionising the executive assistance sphere. By using a remote team of dedicated, reliable and experienced assistants, we are making business more efficient one executive at a time.

Who are FYXER looking for?

Fyxers are proactive problem-solvers. They are thoughtful team players. They are engaging, energetic and fun to be around.

We are looking for people who are passionate, open-minded and not afraid of a challenge to join our growing team.

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Life at FYXER is fast-paced and rewarding. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve the lives of our clients and are looking for dynamic and confident Fyxers to make that happen. Being a Fyxer means Upholding our values:

Being a Fyxer Means

  • Thinking on your feet: new issues need new solutions.
  • Going the extra mile: always looking to wow clients.
  • Being conscientious and thinking about others.
  • Taking ownership and pride in your work.
  • Working autonomously, but as part of a team.
  • Collaborating with a team of like-minded EAs.
  • Having an achievable work/life balance.
  • Thriving in a fast-paced environment.
  • Adapting to new styles, softwares and techniques.
  • Working in an evolving industry.  



Lucy Church

Helen Victor

Benefits of Being a Fyxer

  • Remote working - Fyxers work from the comfort of their own home four days per week.
  • Work/life balance - Fyxers work from 9.00am-5.30pm Monday to Friday and are actively discouraged from working out of hours.
  • Competitive salary - Fyxers enjoy salaries and bonuses that are highly competitive in the virtual assistant sphere.
  • Continuous support - Fyxers work as part of a team and receive continued support from experienced Executive Assistants.
  • Growing company - Fyxers are part of a growing company with opportunities to progress their career.
  • Skill sets - Fyxers work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and are always learning and deploying new skills and techniques.

Working for Fyxer

All our Fyxers need to:

  • Have 5 + years experience in an EA role or similar.
  • Have a proven track record in juggling workloads and changing priorities.
  • Be technologically adept and use multiple different softwares.
  • Have experience working across different sectors and business areas.
  • Have team-working experience in a fast-paced environment.
  • Have great communication and people skills.
  • Be able to commit 9.00 - 17.30, Monday-Friday.
  • Be able to work in our London offices one day per week.

Ultimately, it’s not just about having the skills, it’s about enjoying using them.

Candice Bird


Recruiting a new team member is a time-consuming procedure. It can take months to successfully source, hire, and train an in-house assistant, with no guarantee of a perfect fit.

Fyxer brings efficiency and precision to this uncertain process. We pride ourselves on matching our assistants precisely to our clients' needs. Above all, we place a premium on true proactivity – the hallmark of a great assistant.

So once we’ve found the perfect Fyxer for you, you can rest assured that they’ll be performing at the very highest level from day one.





The full-time employee model is not only expensive – it’s also restrictive and inflexible. We don’t believe that a remote assistant represents a compromise. In fact, we believe it presents a number of unique opportunities:

Our Fyxers work in teams, meaning each client can draw on the collective intelligence of the entire company. In other words, our platform gives each client an army for less than the price of a soldier.
It feels as though you have your own assistant. However, our on-demand model means our clients only pay for the assistance they actually need, reducing the cost by at least 50%.
FYXER is a truly bespoke service. The level of support we provide is tailored to your needs. So we can grow as your business does.


FYXER understands the need for absolute reliability. We understand that the ‘working day’ can mean different things to different people, so no matter what your day throws at you, you can rely on us to be prepared.

Here’s how:

We’re instantly accessible – your Fyxer is always just a phone call or email away.
Versatile workload - Each Fyxer has a support team at their disposal so your work is always with you on time.
We offer comprehensive cover – 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.


I joined FYXER because I wanted to make a difference. In my last job, I felt I was simply a decision-taker, not a decision-maker. My role was more about gettings things done than getting them done in the best possible way. At FYXER, it’s the opposite. I have ownership of my role and am encouraged to come up with bespoke solutions and ideas for my clients. The team share their best tips and tricks and I have definitely become a better EA. Now, I feel like I’m having a positive impact for my clients and the company.

Caroline Pooley

I used to spend two hours a day commuting to London and would always arrive home too late to have a proper evening. I was after more work /life balance, but was reluctant to give up my job, as I really enjoyed working with like-minded colleagues. Then I came across FYXER. FYXER is the best of both worlds. Not only am I saving time and money by not commuting, but I also get all the support, encouragement, backup and help that come from working as part of team of EAs. FYXER has given me the work/ life balance I was looking for and now, working from home means I get to spend more time with Bella, my Beagle.

Helen Street
Jonathan may-655581-edited.jpg

I am a mum of two and love working as an Executive Assistant, but working full-time and travelling to the office everyday was exhausting. Self-employment wasn’t a viable option for me as I needed the guarantee of salary and the ability to take time-off. This is why I love FYXER. They understand that many people have caring responsibilities and that a great EA doesn’t have to be in an office 24/7. I get to work in a team, which has always got my back if something unexpected pops up, but also covers me for holidays and maternity leave.

Melanie Taylor

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The 5 steps to becoming a Fyxer
  1. Fill in the online form.
  2. Have an informal chat over the phone.
  3. Take part in our ‘virtual in-house trial’.
  4. Visit our London office for an interview.
  5. Become part of the FYXER family.



At FYXER we are incredibly thorough in everything we do and our application process is no different. As Fyxers are not the same as traditional Executive Assistants, the process aims to give applicants a snapshot of life at FYXER, while also allowing them to show off their skills. We want applicants to know if FYXER is right for them and if they are right for FYXER. We will then organise an informal chat before asking you to take part in our ‘virtual in-house trial’, which will give you a snapshot of life as a Fyxer, while also allowing you to show off your skills. Successful applicants will then be invited down to our London offices to meet the founders and members of the team.




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